Energy Healing

I have a unique system that uses a fusion of modalities to bring about a complete approach for my clients’needs. By using this system, a single session will provide my clients with multiple benefits.
None of these methods are invasive, and most of them don’t involve touch. At our initial appointment I can detail the type of modalities that will work best for your situation. Alternatively you can select any of the modalities and services you prefer
Visit the Issues page for a list of health problems that my services can aid. Below is a link to the various modalities I offer.
Many of the modalities that I implement in my healing process are ancient techniques that have been practiced for hundreds of years. For those methods that were created more recently, they have come from capable minds in a variety of health fields; from nurses to chiropractors and psychologists.

Health Problems

  • Stress

  • Low energy/difficulty sleeping

  • Chronic pain and stiffness

  • Weight difficulties



  • Lack of self-worth, or fulfilment

  • Inter-personal disconnect/social problems

  • Depression

  • Anxiety


  • Emotion Code

  • Magnetic Rollout



  • Access Bars

  • Reiki



  • Guided Meditation

  • Space Clearing