Public Speaking and Coaching

On top of my Energy Healing work, I also present at public speaking engagements and work as a life coach; where I provide advice and assistance to those that need it. As a life coach and a speaker, I implement my experience as both a former member of the commercial business industry, and my work as an energy healer.

A graduate of the Elite Speaking Academy, I have presented at businesses around Ontario. While working in the commercial space I had made hundreds of presentations, and instead of having that skill go to waste, I chose to implement it into my new line of work.

As a life and business coach, my goal is to essentially provide advice and assistance for the parts of your life that need it most. This means that I can take on several roles; whether it be as an organizer, a person to bounce ideas off, someone to help you transition from one goal to another, or even something more serious, like a confidante or spiritual aid. Whatever assistance you need to move forward in life, I will try everything in my power to get you there.

 For enquiries into my speaking engagements or work as a life coach please fill out the contact form or book an appointment.