Over the course of my life I’ve come to one conclusion, Energy is Everything. Whether it’s the world around us or the constructs within ourselves, energy is what dictates existence.

Using this information as a starting point, I left the business world to dive into the ancient study of Energy Healing. Since the beginning of this journey, I’ve learned how to incorporate energy tools into a fusion of effective methods from countries around the world.

As someone who spent most of their life in the high-stress business environment, I know how easy it is to fall off the course you planned. My goal is to revitalize your perceptions and get you back to where you wanted to be; a life of Happiness, Joy and Abundance.

With experience in managing and operating multiple successful companies, I draw on real-world experience to deliver first-rate business consulting and coaching and infusing the energy philosophy of an aligned mind, body and spirit to bring out the best solutions for my clients   In my many years as a consultant, coach and  energy practitioner, I have helped various hallmark organization and individuals reflect, isolate and implement true purpose of their life and coaching them to do it on their own terms.  This holistic approach allows for greater breakthroughs as the clients move from resistance to allowance.

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We respect the privacy and confidentiality of all clients as we would of yours. In that respect, client names have deliberately been omitted from the testimonials. All testimonials are true client representations.


Al-Karim has been a great coach for me and my family He has cared beyond and above about our well being. Al-Karim has taught me how to look at life in different angle and the few lines he has asked me to focus on. I have no words to say

30 day Challenge Participant

Thank so much for an enlightening 30 day challenge. Yes, it was a challenge! Why because my creative juices were activated. The first week I felt a little frustrated. Being in Covid I had to reinvent myself like many others. Then the light went off where my blocks were. With all your great stories and reference to real stories. It set me on my path in a new direction giving me clarity and purpose. Thank You Kindly


I have had three sessions with Al-Karim Chatur. Emotion/Body Code, Magnetic roll out, Access Bars, and a bit of support with RestoreChi (online). He is a powerful healer and has taken time to blend together modalities that complement each other very well.


My family and I are extremely pleased with the excellent services and care provided by you. My mom had never heard of your services before and she is now a true believer and has every faith in you as you helped her with her pain that she has been suffering

Coaching Experience

Al-Karim is a pragmatic and skillful coach who offers unwavering respect and commitment to his clients. His creativity, thoughtfulness and passion enhance his ability to connect with people.  He brings tremendous experience and insight which highlights his authenticity as an exceptionally talented professional.



I was involved in the business world for most of my life, with a BSc in Computer Science and an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business. For the last 20 years of my career I was in the furniture industry. It was challenging work that always felt like an uphill battle. There were numerous signs for me to walk away from it and enter alternative medicine, but for one reason or another I ignored them. Finally, the chance arose when an accident forced my store to shut down.




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