Find Your Balance

Physically . Emotionally . Mentally . Spiritually

Balance Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Over the course of my life I’ve come to one conclusion, Energy is Everything. Whether it’s the world around us or the constructs within ourselves, energy is what dictates existence.

Using this information as a starting point, I left the business world to dive into the ancient study of Energy Healing. Since the beginning of this journey, I’ve learned how to incorporate energy tools into a fusion of effective methods from countries around the world.

As someone who spent most of their life in the high-stress business environment, I know how easy it is to fall off the course you planned.

My goal is to revitalise your perceptions and get you back to where you wanted to be; a life of Success, Love and Happiness.

For more information about my services please visit my “Healing” page; to learn more about me please visit the “My Journey” page.


“As the inner healing happens as the inner perceptions, the inner memories are healed, deep into the mind the outer reality, the outer world begins to match Your new improved perception. “


~Al-Karim Chatur, Bsc, MBA, Energy Practitioner

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